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When you are looking for coffee, there are so many different kinds of coffee that you can buy. But not all coffees are created equally. You deserve the best in gourmet coffee, and nothing says that more than La Fortuna Estate Gourmet Coffee.

La Fortuna Estate Coffee
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Here is why:

Founded in 1908, La Fortuna Estate is dedicated to the cultivation of the highest quality Arabica coffees. While almost all of the their production is exported to Europe, we, at My Coffee Gourmet.Com, are pleased to be able to offer this fine coffee to the North American market..

La Fortuna is located at the 3800 ft+ level in the famous Sonocusco region in the State of Chiapas, high in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountains of Southern Mexico.

With the careful eye of management, La Fortuna is committed to environmental concerns, in particular the preservation of animal, bird and plant life. Water used in the processing of their precious beans comes from natural water springs located on the estate. All of their coffees are shade grown with trees native to the area.

The end results of these on-going efforts by the management and employees of La Fortuna is delicious tasting coffee- full bodied and rich.

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