frozen cappuccino

Enjoy a Frozen Cappuccino In the Comfort Of Your Own Home!
Now you don’t have to drive to your local coffee house to enjoy a high quality Frozen Cappuccino drink! Weighing in at two pounds, there is a ton of mix to prepare your favorite frozen drinks for you and your friends! Shipped same or next day to your home or office!

You love the frozen cappuccino that you get at your local coffee house, why not make it at home and SAVE YOUR MONEY! These cappuccino mixes are easy to prepare: simply pour in the powder, add water and mix. Than just place in your freezer to freeze. Available in Mocha, French Vanilla and more, there is a flavor for everyone. Shipping is only $9.95 on orders of $74.99 or less and FREE for orders of $75 or more.


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California Frosteez Frozen Cappuccino Mix Pillow Packs

Meets or exceeds the expectations of most leading liquid drink mixes. Dissolving quickly even in cold water means you enjoy your drink even faster!
Available in such great flavors as Double Mocha, French Vanilla, Mocha Supreme, Neutral Smoothie Base and Original Cappuccino flavors try one or more today! Pillow packs weigh two pounds each and make a whopping 20 eight ounce cups of frozen cappuccino! WAY CHEAPER than your local coffee shop!

Only $7.97!Select Flavor :

Superior Frozen Cappuccino Pillow Packs

Enjoy frozen cappuccinos on the patio, around the fire or anywhere with family and friends. Just disolve in water and freeze. Available in Mocha or French Vanilla. Each packs weighs two pounds and yields approximately 20 eight ounce cups. Try some today!